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How Can I Restore a Deleted Sections or Undo Something?

As recommendation you can save your work from time to time, just hit Ctrl + S this will save a version of your work that you can go back or restore later.

How Can I Edit Globally a Heading, Paragraph, links, etc?

1. Select the element to edit (can be a Heading, paragraph, link, etc).

2. Go to the Style Panel and under the Selector SELECT the "All x element" .

Important Notes
Use High Quality Double the Size Images

In order to have crisp images on most modern devices, you need to upload 2x image sizes.

Use SVG Icons

For a high quality visual experience for your users we recommend using svg icons. You can visit and find plenty of svg icons.

Optimize your Images

If you want to achieve better loading time we recommend to optimize all your pictures using services like

Press Shift+Ctrl+I (Letter i) to have Webflow do an image responsive scan.

About the Instagram Section

This template does not include a dynamically feed from your Instagram account but you can build one following the Webflow University guide here:

Update Your Meta Description and Fav Icon

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